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JET RED released their self-titled album in 1989. They rocked Northern California from then until the early 1990's. After seeing their amazing live show, I was and still am a fan. Willie Hines, lead singer, guitarist, and song writer, is an amazing performer. This band was as tight as any hard rockin' band at the time. The twin guitar sound of Johnny Feikert and Willie Hines coupled with the driving bass of Brad Lang (who went on to play with Y&T and recently joined Ratt) was accented by their superb vocals to give a lush, melodic rock sound that is sorely missing in today's rock scene. Their press kits tell it all but hear it for yourself..

Sadly, their record label, Relativity Records, did little to promote the band or the album and they had to finally call it a day. They disbanded not as enemies but as friends that realized that the music scene had changed and they were on the outside looking in (thank you grunge music....). But do not despair as Willie Hines continues to make music. His first solo project was a natural extension from his past. This first solo album is available on compact disc and is well worth the money. The Willie Hines Band released a record named “Whatever” in 2014.

Willie and Johnny have been writing music separately and together. Willie’s album “Letters To Maria” will be released in 2018 while Johnny has been tracking songs in the hope to also release an album in the near future. STAY TUNED!! Check the Jet Red Facebook page for more updates!

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Willie Hines and his new CD “Letters To Maria” will be released October 26, 2018. It will be available at the IAC Records website and all the usual places like Amazon, CD Baby, etc.
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Jet Red on June 23, 2017 in Modesto featuring Willie Hines, Brad Lang, Johnny Feikert, and Michael Frowein
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The second JET RED album "Flight Plan" was re-released in November 11, 2011.

For more details including downloading options, click on the album cover or go to the NEWS section.

JOHNNY has three new songs so to hear them, click here.

WILLIE HINES has five new songs. Want to hear them? click here.

BRAD is the bass player for Ratt (see the
NEWS section)

Interview with Brad (see here)

Old ad from 1989
Guitar Player Magazine.
JET RED played a birthday (“farewell”) show on July 29, 2017. Roll video below!
Please check back often and tell your friends. If your neighbor's aren't complaining, it's not loud enough!
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SOUND BIN for some goodies.....Also, new video uncovered from 1987 so see it and others now by clicking here!


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Reunion Show warm up in July 2010!! Awesome!!