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Brad Lang


Brad was part of Bobby Blotzer’s RATT back in September 2016 where he played with Mitch Perry whom he previously played with in Jeff Pilson’s (Dokken) War and Peace.

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When Y&T's Phil Kennemore was diagnosed with lung cancer, Brad Lang graciously stepped in to sub until Phil's return to the stage. Within 24 hours, Brad had learned 21 songs (including Phil's vocal harmonies) and was out touring the world with Y&T on the Facemelter tour. Upon Phil's untimely death in January 2011, the band knew that Brad was the guy to keep on board. With Brad's raw, energetic performances, he brings a life to the band that is both fun and engaging, as audiences the world over have witnessed since 2010.

Brad has been a popular name in the Northern California rock scene since
Jet Red released their first album in 1989, which included Billy Carmassi (Aldo Nova) on drums. In addition to subbing for Jeff Pilson in Foreigner , Brad has also performed on countless recordings, including Roger Hodgson's (Supertramp) "Hai Hai," Tommy Tutone's "Rich Text Files," War and Peace 's (Jeff Pilson - Dokken, Dio, Foreigner) "Live at the Cavern Club," and Benedictum's "Uncreation," to name a few.

Brad amicably left Y&T after almost 6 years of touring.

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Brad's has been filling in on bass for Y&T as of mid-2010. Below is when the were touring through Dublin. One great bass player to another........
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Brad's new project as of late 2009 is Planet Zero. You can check out a small glimpse of the band here.

BAND BIO: The band Planet Zero features Jimmy Tuttle, Mark Miner, Darrell Hale, and Brad Lang. They are a the fusion of former members of VLS, Jet Red and Sedona - all of which haved been some of the most high profile bands in the Northern California area. Together the members of Planet Zero have formed a new band for a new day. Watch for updates and debut release on Kivel Records in 2010.

First listen..............pretty rockin'....and, yes, that is Brad on the left.

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This is from the War And Peace Bio page in 2004 when Brad was playing with Jeff Pilson in Pilson's War and Peace band.

It all started when I saw a friend of mine playing bass guitar in the junior high school band. I just loved how the low end of the sound drove the whole thing along. The next year when he moved on to high school, I picked it up, and a month later I was playing in my first rock band, "Misty Island Evil" (you gotta love that name). A month after that, at one of the school assemblies, we played "Rocky Mountain Way" and "Free Ride", and the place went nuts! I was hooked...................

A little while later a drummer friend of mine said, "You've gotta hear this record, it's called '2112'." If you're a bass player, you know what I mean. Then came this other little sound recording called "Van Halen", and the stage had been set. I knew exactly what I was going to do. ROCK.......
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After that, all I wanted to do was play, play, and play some more. Unfortunately, no one ever wanted to sing. We jammed with guy after guy who said they could sing. But, when it came down to actually doing it in front of other people, the testicles disappeared. So out of necessity, the microphone landed in front of me. So be it. We played kegger parties, school dances, night clubs (fake ID's), and battle of the bands, mixing covers with original songs, flash pots, fog, lights, and of course.......spandex and leather.

Along the way, I was in/helped mold different bands with different styles. The heavy bands, Revolver and Knock Out, grew from my love of Rush, early Scorpions, Judas Priest and Van Halen (1, of course). The pop bands, Jackie Blue and This Guy Mike came from my love for the Beatles, the Hollies, Crowded House and Jellyfish. But the band that got the most attention was
Jet Red. We played and partied like there was no tomorrow. We had a band house that was always rockin' without much sleepin'. Playing clubs constantly (and opening some big shows) was all we did. After inking a deal with Relativity Records and getting ready to promote our first album.....things took a turn for the worse, and the rest is history. The good news is you can still find Jet Red in the bargain bins and it still kicks ass.

Since then I've had the chance to record vocals with Roger Hodgson of Supertramp, play bass on Tommy Tutone's "Rich Text Files" album, and do a Canadian project featuring Queen City Kids singer Alex Chuaqui and Aldo Nova drummer Billy Carmassi, called "Raw Red Moses". I also got to play bass, sing, and engineer a project called Color Scream with Tommy McClendon of UFO, and Mystery Drummer, Michael "Fro" Frowein (guess how I met Jeff?). I just recently recorded the debut album from Essex, working with Aldo Nova guitarist Kevin Karlson, Eddie Money drummer Jimmy Rehn, and singer Jodi Essex.

Now that I've teamed up with War & Peace, the hard rock button is lit. Between harmonizing the vocals with Jeff, laying down the groove with Fro, and locking in the rhythms with
Mitch Perry (also watching him BLAZE solos), I'm on cloud nine! And not an attitude in sight! The band just crushes!!!!!!

Come check it out................................