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Brad Lang

BRAD LANG- 2011 Interview
Q&A from our pals at The Metal Pit

THE METAL PIT:  Hi Brad ! Thanks for answering some questions for THE METAL PIT.       Hope you are having a great summer out in Oakland California ! Also congrats on being selected to be a permanent bassist for Y&T ! You're doing an amazing job!      How does it feel to be a part of the FACEMELTER TOUR and a band that has been around since the early 70's ?
BRAD LANG: It’s a tremendous honor.

Introduce the band and describe what magic they all bring to Y & T as a band ?
Dave Menniketti: the founding member, guitarist, and voice of Y&T.
John Nymann: guitarist, and backing vocalist.
Mike Vanderhule: drummer and backing vocalist
When we hit the stage together, everyone "Brings It".

When did you first pick up the bass and why this instrument vs others ?
I was 13 when I saw a friend playing electric bass in the junior high school band for the annual Christmas program. The next year when he went on to high school, I picked it up. And that was that…..

Which bassists have had the most profound influence on your playing and what inspires you to continue ?
I had been playing for a couple of years, when a friend brought this record to school and said, “You’ve got to hear this. It’s called 2112.” I was blown out. I was already singing the higher harmonies over different tunes, and then I heard Geddy….. Another huge influence was, and is, Michael Anthony from Van Halen. The guy lays down the fat grooves, and sings his ass off.

What advice could you offer to someone who wants to eventually play at your level?
Offering advice is a tough one. Most of the time you’ve just got to be in the right place at the right time……But, you’ve always got to be prepared…..over prepared. Practice, practice, practice. Have your shit together. And, never bad mouth anyone. If you’re a dick, no one’s gonna want to hang with you.

Are there certain aspects of music and bass playing that you feel every bassist should learn and study?
The bass is an ensemble instrument. So, to me, the key to playing in a group is the ability to listen. I always think of the bass as the bridge between the guitars, and the drums. You have to carry the root of the chords that are being played by the guitars. But, and almost more importantly, the bass is also a percussion instrument. Locking in with the drummer is the toughest, and MOST important thing, in a live situation. If the bass and drums aren’t locked, and laying down the groove, you’re boned. Listen to the kick, and don’t push it. It can be tough to lay down on the groove, when you’re all pumped up, and ready to rock. Just lay down…….

Any new endorsements on the horizon for Brad ?
I’ve been using EMG pickups in my basses. Great staff, with a great product. I also just had my main bass wrapped by RadWraps in a funky tie dye kinda vibe. I’ve been playing Ibanez basses since the late 80’s, and dig ‘em. And who knows what else will come along. You never know….I’m more about just getting on stage and rockin’.

Can you tell us who you have collaborated with musically in the past ?
I’ve been very fortunate to have crossed paths with a bunch of kick ass players and producers. There’s a list on my bio at

Anyone in particular you enjoyed the most?
Working with Jeff Pilson was such a cool vibe. Jeff is a great performer, and in the studio he has the ability to get sounds and ideas recorded in the blink of an eye. And, one of the best guys on the planet.

Drummers are a huge part of what I do, so there’s Jason Bonham (Foreigner), Billy Carmassi (Aldo Nova, Jet Red), Mike Frowein (Lynch Mob), Steve Brown (Oleander, Montrose), Dan Bejerano (Gladys Knight, Kenny G), Cortney D’Augustine (Moondog Mane, Fear The Days), John Mader (Steve Miller, Pat Benetar), and of course Mike Vanderhule.

Also, Willie Hines from Jet Red and I shared a place in Sacramento, and were able to lay down some pretty cool stuff. Good times. Special times. We combined our last names to form Hang-n-Lines recording.

What is a typical day like on the road with Y&T ?
Typical? Let me say that these people have been the easiest to hang out with, travel with, get along with, laugh with, sight see, relax, and rock with. In Europe, they’ve been dragging me to every sight that they think is of worth. These guys have been to Europe so many times, they’re like paid tour guides. They know all the spots.

Do you have the opportunity to do any featured solo playing during Y&T live shows?
To tell you the truth, I’m all about the songs. There are a couple of spots in the set that highlight the bass, and that’s all fun. But, I really get off on layin’ down the groove of the song. I absolutely LOVE how only four guys can produce such a wall of sound. These guys all play and sing there asses off!!

What gear do you use on tour ?
I play Ibanez 5 string basses that are hot rodded with EMG pickups. My bass rig consists of a SansAmp preamp, a QSC 850 watt power amp, and two Ampeg 4X10 speaker cabinets. I’m also using the Sennheiser Evolution wireless system, and the Peterson Classic Stomp tuner.

The longevity of the band is amazing ! How long do you forsee Y&T will keep touring ?
As long as the fans keep coming out to the shows, the band will be there to rock ‘em.

What are some of your personal song favorites from the band? I know I have many....
Tough question. There’s just so many……..

BTW off the music topic for a moment :Do you have any hobbies you enjoy that aren't music-related?
Water skiing and table tennis (ping pong). I also like to tinker with adapting things to do different things………

Brad thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule for this interview for the METAL PIT .We see great things for you in the future. Good luck to you .
        Any closing thoughts for our loyal METAL PIT readers?
Many thanks to all who have supported, and continue to support Y&T. Come on out to a show near you. We’ll chat. Oh, and always hold the door for a lady.